What sort of tests you will have to undergo?

The Psychological tests have been designed for different categories of job in critical safety categories, viz., Assistant Station Master, Assistant Drivers and Motorman. You will be given the test battery prescribed for the job you have applied for.

How can they help us?

We get the right people suitable for a particular kind of job.
People who perform well in the tests usually also do well on the job.
Tests are designed in such a way that they give us real measures of your strengths and limitations.

Why do we use tests?

Tests are often used by employers when people apply for jobs.
The test help the employer decide if someone has the abilities and personality traits needed to do the job.
This Site is designed to help you prepare to for the tests that we use.

How can tests help you?

They help you to understand where your strengths lie.
They have been chosen on the basis of the skills desired for the job.
The tests are carefully designed and are fair to all the applicants.
Taking tests will help you to adjust to the requirement of job.



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